The reason for the impacted teeth of wisdom teeth; genetically, this tooth is no longer needed and our jaws are getting smaller. As our jaws shrink, wisdom teeth are forced to find a place for themselves and therefore cannot come out like other teeth. Wisdom teeth, which cannot find any room for themselves, push the front tooth and pressurize, which leads to burliness. They can also easily become inflamed because they are too far behind and the gum around them is not of normal anatomical structure.
Fully embedded wisdom teeth are usually no problem. However, they should be followed up with an X-ray. Although they are fully buried, they can press the roots of the front tooth.
Partially out wisdom teeth are the most problematic. Because they can not fully exit, they try to press the tooth in front. The gum piece (hood) on them is inflamed due to the escape of food residues and bacterial growth. Inflammation of the gums around the tooth results in pain, swelling, and abscesses. They form a suitable environment for caries.
Fully old uncovered wisdom teeth; they don't usually cause problems, but they're too far behind and they're hard to brush. Therefore, it is recommended to be taken as a preventive measure in patients with poor oral care.
Wisdom teeth inflammation or symptoms of abscess
Pain (spontaneous or pressure)
Swelling (in mouth or face)
Swelling of the lymph nodes under the chin
Swallowing difficulty
If the mouth cannot be closed or closed, the gingiva on the wisdom tooth is bitten, pressure is present. Wisdom teeth may cause distraction by pressure on the front tooth
May cause caries in the anterior tooth.
It may cause pain and swelling from time to time as it creates a favourable environment for inflammation.
Inflammation that occurs, at a weak moment in the body is mixed with blood; heart, kidney, brain, joints and vital organs such as life-threatening.
Treatment wisdom teeth inflammation
First, antibiotic treatment should suppress the inflammation in the acute state. Inflammation does not heal completely with the use of antibiotics. For this reason, after the use of antibiotics, the removal of the tooth should not be abandoned by deceiving the complaints. Then, these teeth should be removed by a surgical procedure.
There is no need to remove wisdom teeth that are healthy and well maintained. The information that these teeth decay very quickly among the public is wrong. While we usually brush our teeth, we do not brush these teeth very well. Therefore, the incidence of caries to other teeth increases. These healthy and well lasted teeth are no different from our other teeth. If needed, even these bridges can be applied.




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