What is aesthetic filling? How does dental filling prices differ? What should we pay attention to when having dental fillings ? Our physicians compiled the answers for your questions.
Cosmetic dentistry improves the overall appearance of the tooth. Dental aesthetics primarily works on improving tooth colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Aesthetic filling is a branch of cosmetic dentistry which is made of materials of the same colour as the unidentified tooth instead of metal and mercury-style filling materials. Aesthetic white fillings should be preferred because old metal fillings are carcinogenic. It is medically called composite filler.

There are three main areas of specialization, mainly focusing on dental aesthetics.
These are:
Aesthetic Filling
Aesthetic Prosthesis
Aesthetic Orthodontics
Cosmetic dentistry also includes Endodontic (Tooth Root Diseases) and Periodontics (Gum Diseases).
Aesthetic White Filler
Aesthetic dental fillings made of white coloured filling materials are used to camouflage tooth structure and caries. Aesthetic fillings have a structure that can be quickly treated by light fillings and strengthening under the laser and never showing that the normal tooth is filling even under light. In some cases, the surface of children and molars has very deep cavities caused by pits and cracks, and bacteria can multiply and damage the teeth. As a special method of preventing this harmful process, the tooth is filled with liquid aesthetic filling material. The treatment process is completely painless. Thanks to these procedures, tooth decay in children is greatly reduced. Liquid aesthetic filler is recommended for children 6 years or older.
The aesthetic filler applied to decayed teeth, broken teeth or damaged teeth integrates with the tooth in its own structure hardness and appearance and gains a harmonious appearance that cannot be distinguished from the outside. Aesthetic fillings with a more beautiful smile and healthier structure compared to metal and mercury-like carcinogenic and bad-looking fillings are suitable and preferred in today's dentistry.
When is aesthetic filling recommended?
Aesthetic filling If there is a discoloration or discoloration of the existing tooth, the treatment can be performed by applying an aesthetic filling when the tooth is worn or broken. However, if there is a defect in the gums, tissue loss or deep opening, or if there is a problem in the tooth roots, aesthetic filling cannot be made. In such cases, the type of aesthetic procedure we recommend is prosthesis.




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